What Our Customers are Saying

I’m so glad that I kept the tape, even though I’d long forgotten what was on it. I’d been meaning to get someone to look at it and had done nothing until I saw your advertisement on facebook and finally decided to do something about it.

As soon as I got home I put the memory stick in not knowing what to expect. It was amazing and quite emotional to see all these old images of our children and family holidays and events of 30-20 years ago. Hard to put into words, but truly wonderful. Thank you so much, I’ll be sharing these with the rest of the family at an upcoming special moment. It’ll be a fabulous surprise.

Adam. C

I just got the link and I am loving the videos! Thank you so much for helping with this!

Sarah. B

Thanks so much!! I’ve been enjoying reminiscing. I hadn’t hear my Dad’s voice since 1994. But good memories so thank you.

Nicola. I

Thank you Melanie, I’m very excited to receive them! I’ve loved looking through the USB that arrived today. So many memories of my father, and the footage he took of my children when they were younger. The service you offer will bring so many memories to other, like myself who need old technology converted, and I sincerely wish you the best for your business.
Lynette. L 

Thanks Melanie, I am so happy with what you did thank you so much, I am more than happy.

Ken. T

Fantastic job and greatly appreciated. Quick turnaround.

Mark. H

Wow!! Thanks so very much!!

Michelle. B

Awesome Service! So happy to be able to rewatch all my old videos I made back in the day.

Jenny. S

Thank you for my USBs. It’s been wonderful to get to share some beautiful memories with my family.

Fiona. A

Perfect!! Thanks so much for your work.

Mark. E

Thank you for putting all the tapes onto digital. Was great to see so many childhood memories. Fast completion and easy communication made it hassle free.

Danielle H.

Thank you for all your help Melanie

Cindy. M

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