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My Legacies is your simple solution to convert video tapes to digital. Some of our most precious family memories are stored on video tapes. Therefore, it makes sense to use a VHS conversion service to keep your favourite tapes forever. Not to mention that video tapes degrade over time. This means that if you wait around, your VHS tapes could be too old or damaged before you decide to create a digital copy. Adding to that, it’s tricky finding a trusted VHS to Digital conversion service or a reliable conversion tool. Luckily, My Legacies makes your life easy, so you can convert video tapes to digital without the hassle.

Here’s how our VHS Conversion service works:

Upon arrival, our conversion team inspects your tape for any damages or needed repairs. Next, we playback the video and transfer VHS to USB (USB provided). We use a safe and secure playback process to convert VHS to DVD devices. This way, you get the best video quality possible.

Finally, the original tape and your new digitized USB are returned to your postal address. We’ll also send an email to confirm your new digitized video is on the way.


DVD: Each, Google Drive File, I will provide my own 32GB USB, USB: Each

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