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Do you want to transfer Mini DV tapes to digital? Maybe you have a collection of Mini DV memories that are sitting around collecting dust. But aren’t sure which software will convert Mini DV to digital mediums efficiently?

We understand the stress that comes with tampering with irreplaceable Mini DV memories, which is why My Legacies’s Mini DV tape converter service is a stress-free way to digitize your video tapes. Your memories are precious and we treat them so. We use a thorough playback process to transfer Mini DV tapes to DVD, USB or other digital solutions.

When you convert Mini DV to digital with us, we:

Let you know as soon as we receive your video tapes. We will then use our playback process to record and transfer your video so that it is just like the original. As soon as our Mini DV tape converter has finished the job, we’ll notify you. Your original tapes and new digital version are then sent directly back to your postal address.

You’ll have long-lasting digitized versions of your Mini DV tapes in your hands in no-time.  Plus, you can share these treasured memories with your friends and family.


DVD: Each, Google Drive File, I will provide my own 32GB USB, USB: Each

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