“Happy Birthday” Card



Are you stuck finding the right birthday greeting card? There’s nothing worse than spending your time trying to pick the ‘perfect’ happy birthday card. Only to settle for a random card that may never be read or even worse a battery-powered card that loses steam during the song. The good news is our birthday greeting card is perfect when you want to send someone a message for their special day. Because unlike other cards that can be over the top and even cost a fortune.

The unique minimalist design in this happy birthday card draws attention to the message tucked away inside. This elegant birthday wish card is one a friend can read and enjoy on their special day and years from now. Make your friend or loved one’s day with a birthday wish card they will remember. Each card comes with a plain envelope and is blank inside.

Handcrafted “Happy Birthday” Card.

  • Comes with Envelope
  • Blank Inside
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