WARNING - if you have DVDs sitting around at home, now is the time to tap into DVD conversion with Convertza.


Here’s why:


VHS was once the standard for movie formats. You could walk down the road to find a Video Ezy for local video nights. Now, the demand for DVD players and discs are declining. Because the truth is, digital is taking DVDs space (like DVD did to VHS).


Luckily, with the help of Convertza you can convert DVD to digital right now. Because most of the DVDs you own are protected. Meaning you can’t simply plug them in and transfer DVD to digital on your home PC. Convertza uses the latest DVD conversion technology to transfer DVD to digital formats. Our conversion service is a reliable way to store your DVD content before DVDs become outdated and the conversion process more expensive.


How does Convertza convert DVD to digital platforms?


First, place an order with our service by ‘adding to cart’. Once received, we’ll send a confirmation email. Our conversion team will then convert your DVD to digital (USB or another digital solution). Once completed, your DVD and new digital solution are sent right back to you.