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Use My Legacies services to easily convert 8mm Film to Digital:

Whether you inherited an 8mm film or are the proud owner, the fact is, these film reels hold priceless images. And given the current digital world we live in, it’s very difficult to find a quality 8mm film player. The good news is- My Legacies provides quick and simple solution to convert 8mm to digital film. Our 8mm Tape Converter turns your images into long-lasting versions that can be stored on your PC or shared with your friends.

Here’s how we convert your 8mm film to digital:

Once you’ve added your order to cart, you simply package and send your film. We then process the received tape through our 8mm tape converter. Our tape converter is a safe and secure way to convert 8mm to digital while retaining the quality. Once the process is complete, your reel and digital version are sent to your postal address.

And you’ll finally be able to enjoy crisp new digital versions of your 8mm reels.


DVD: Each, Google Drive File, I will provide my own 32GB USB, USB: Each

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