Frequently asked questions

What type of tapes/media do you convert?

- VHS - VHS-C - Digital 8 - Mini DV - DVD

What format do you convert to?



Google Drive Filec(please make sure you send us a gmail address)

Can I drop off and pick up my tapes?

Yes we are located in Browns Bay, Auckland. After purchasing you will recive an address to drop off.

How long will my order take to complete?

Usually between 5 - 8 business days. Please allow a further 5 days for more than 10 Tapes.

Where do I post my tapes too?

At time of check out we will provide a postal address. We operate from Browns Bay, Auckland. We will also email our postal address to you.

Why should I get my old tapes converted?

The average lifespan of a tape is only 15 to 20 years and are at risk of damage. Getting your tapes converted to digital media will ensure your precious memories are saved.

Do you convert other tape types?

No, but if there is a high enough demand for other tapes such as Super 8 and Cassette’s this may be a possibility in the future. Let me know if you would like this.

What if I’m not happy with my end product?

The quality of the conversion will be at or near the quality of the original tape. If for whatever reason we cannot get audio/video from the tape provided we will advise you. A full refund will then be provided, less the cost of postage.

What if my package gets lost in the post or courier?

We recommend that you track and trace your tapes when sending them to us. Once your tapes have been converted we will track and trace your tapes back to you. All copies of your conversions will be kept safe on our system for up to 60 Days.

Can you repair my tape?

Yes tapes can be repaired if needed at no further charge.

Can you clean mouldy tapes?

Yes we can clean mouldy tapes for you for an extra fee of $10. The extra cost is due to the longer process of having to clean the tape as it can be quite a tedious job.

Can I supply my own USB?


What if you find nothing on my tape?

We are happy to refund you for any tapes that are found to have nothing on them.

Im not sure if there is anything on my tapes

We are happy to refund you for tapes that are found to have nothing on them

Do I get my tapes back?

Yes we return all tapes back to you, once conversion is complete.