Do you still have memories stored on old VHS tape?


What if you could turn the memories stored on your old VHS tapes into brand new watchable digital files?

The truth is- now you can!

Thanks to modern software, you can take your precious wedding videos, birthday videos, or any other VHS tape and digitize them.

In fact, with brand new software, you can now:

  • Convert VHS to DVD copies
  • Convert VHS to Digital copies
  • Convert Video Tapes to Digital
  • Convert VHS to USB

But it’s not as easy as plugging your VHS into a recorder and transferring the data. If you want to convert your VHS to a digital version, you’ll need to work with a specialist. A specialist you can trust to use the most up-to-date high-quality methods (so your tapes remain in good condition).

Luckily, our VHS conversion specialists can convert video tapes to digital formats for you.

Here’s how:

First, pick the VHS tapes you want to be converted into digital, DVD, or USB format. Make sure to rewind each tape back to the beginning. And if you don’t have access to a player that can rewind your tapes, we will do this for you.

Next, pack your tapes so they are secure and protected. Then contact our team and confirm whether you’ll be digitizing your tapes or if you want to transfer them to USB.

Finally, courier your tapes to our services.

Upon arrival, our conversion team inspects your tape for any damages or needed repairs. Next, we follow industry standards to playback the video and convert VHS to DVD, Digital or USB (USB provided).

Our playback process is safe and secure. So you can rest assured that your tape is in good hands.

And your final product will be of the highest quality.

Finally, the original tape and your new version are returned to your postal address. We’ll also send an email to confirm your conversion is on the way.

Once your tape and new digital versions arrive, it’s as easy as plugging them into your computer (or DVD player) to start watching.


It’s worth making a copy of the converted digital files we give you. Because if you delete the files or if we transfer your VHS to USB and it gets lost, we may not have your digital file saved on our drives.

So there you have it. This is all it takes to convert your Video Tapes to Digital formats.

Imagine the smile on your friend, parent, or even grandparents’ face as they discover you’ve brought some of their precious VHS memories back to life. Memories they thought were outdated and forgotten with old technology. Even better you can make a gift out of your old videotapes by bringing them back to life with the help of My Legacies.

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