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Hi I’m Melanie and I’m a 24 year old university student. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology and Media Studies. Currently, I am studying towards a Masters degree and aim to become a Psychologist.

I also run and own My Legacies, which is an online store located in Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. I understand the importance of preserving those memories for the future, especially as technology increasingly changes.

What does it mean to leave a legacy? When we reflect on the ideas of legacy and our own unique individual lives, we consider our place in the world. A legacy is a connection to something bigger than ourselves, it gives us a unique network to the past, present and future.

Through, Genealogical research and by collecting old video tapes and photos we create a legacy and connection to who we are, where we come from and to those who are or have been important in our lives.

At My Legacies, we help others to collate their Legacies. We do this through providing important resources and supplies that will help you achieve this; whilst also providing supplies that may give you joy and amusement along your process.

We also provide a tape conversion service for those residing in New Zealand.

Many people are aware of that box of old VHS tapes or DVDs stored away in the garage or up in the roof. At My Legacies we take the risk and worry out of never being able to share these memorable family events and activities.

Every month that goes by the quality of your memories stored on video tapes are likely to diminish. So there is no better time than now to act. We can provide you a Google Drive file, USB and/or DVD that will be sent to you via Courier Track and Trace. We also allow pick.

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